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Silverish Fire: Trade In
Silverish Fire: Trade In
"Wait you wanted me to work as a what?" I asked exclaimed while my eyes turned to the nicely dressed man in front of me. "Come again," I replied, repeating my comment at him as he folded his hands and leaned forward towards me. For with a smile, he replied "What you heard is correct, you help us rid of the inks here in UK and we'll help you track down the note that your father had left." "But it is impossible-" I started protesting at him, but he slapped his hand onto the ground silencing me I stopped and closed my beak. My eyes staring at him while we locked eyes onto one another, then he smiled back at him and as if he was at eased, he folded his hands again and responded once again, "Now." I shuttered, never have I heard someone commanding me to do something even to against my own life. But as I stared staring onto his eyes, I frowned and bowed only a little bit before hopping down.
Thoughts circled through my mind as I landed onto the grounds beneath me. St
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Silverish Fire: Limitless
Silverish Fire: Limitless
I hear the wave currents as I stared onto the horizon, saying nothing I lowered my eyes down onto the log I was standing upon and frowned. I looked behind me, the string was still attached to the metal sphere behind me which dragged along the grass. I sighed, my heart was beating faster than I had expected. I frowned again, knowing this route would be a risk to my own life perhaps even to the point of killing me. I shuttered and glazed back glancing onto the woods on either side of me I stared listening to the peaceful silence surrounding me. I said nothing and lowered my body down to the log. I closed my eyes and looked up into of the horizon above me. Where I soon began to take a breath, I grabbed the ropes on either side of the waterbeds and pulled them out from the waters below. Tying my body to the log, I take another breath to calm myself down and stretch my wings upward reaching for the silver sphere behind me. Cutting it down, I was readying myself for
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CrossWinds: Trickler Gig
CrossWinds: Trickler Gig
"Takari, Nelia." Kur growled as she flopped down next to them, growling and she narrowed her eyes at them. Takari raised his head at Kur blinking curiously and he cocked his head at her asking, "What's up? Is there a problem right now, Kur?" "It's more than a problem, Takari." Kur growled at him; He nodded his head and sighed getting right up as he closed his eyes and opened them. He turned his attention towards Kur and his arms crossed over top of one another as he spoke "Lay it onto me." "It's more like a couple problem, Takari." Kur explained to him. He blinked in response, cocking his head to the side as he stared at her. Kur nodded without hesitation before looking around the warm sands and asked, "Where's your mate, Nelia? She's suppose to be here with you right?" "She is," Takari responded, raising his claw onto the horizon adding, "She's over there playing by the surface of the water." Kur blinked and glared over to Takari before sighing.
"Alright then,
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Silverish Fire: Shattered Wedges
Silverish Fire: Shattered Wedges
I opened my eyes, electricity all around me became to spark as if there was something there live ready to attack. I groaned to myself, raising my head I realized that I had a headache and it hurts so much that I growled to myself, holding my forehead with my two raised wings. I squinted and closed my eyes, I wanted to sleep I wanted to rest. To leave the world forever and became in a peaceful sleep; however no matter I've done it was impossible and this I knew and realized afterwards. With my headache lingering onto my forehead, I staggered to stand up my legs became wobbly as if I was drunk with wine. I raised my wings out from my forehead and tried to focus on them, but it seems that my eyes were drifting into somewhere else. It seems that I was in a cave somewhere, with the water dripping underneath onto my head. A huge hole was dug on the right side of me, with a string that was attached to the cover above of the hole. I blinked and curiously walked
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Silverish Fire: Common Cause
Silverish Fire: Common Cause
You know the feeling that when you hate someone from your childhood years, bullying you teasing you because you love some girl? Or some ugly guy decided to sleep onto your shoulder and you felt sick to your stomach? You don't? Well… that's surprising however. The reason why I am saying this is because, my enemies of whom I had loath in three stories past. Making my life miserable without end even trying to knock me off their flying magical boat one time. Yeah… Them, and now they've asked me to join forces in attacking a common enemy. For what reason why they wanted to join me is up to them, you could make a thousand of reason to try and figure out their motive but then again it's almost impossible even unfeasible to try and get into their mind, breaking apart their so called code within the- I'm getting way off track.
So I am standing at the front edge of the flying ship, watching the colorful skies mixed together among one another. In result th
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CrossWinds: Sharped Grounds
CrossWinds: Sharped Grounds
"I love the warm weather!" Takari grinned spreading his wings about, hitting Nelia square in the forehead as she growled angrily at Takari. He turned to her and smiled faintly, raising his claw at her he whispered "Sorry honey." "Don't do that every again," "I perhaps won't." He snickered to himself and Nelia caught onto him, she growled in reply and tried hitting him with her claw only for it to miss just inches away from him as he snickered, sticking out his tongue at her. She narrowed back saying nothing in return before setting her eyes to the horizon. The skies were blue and the sun was blazing above them; casting shadows onto their draconic figures neither dragon tried to ignore their shadows onto the docks as they walked along. To the side of them were the oceans roaring, splashing their waters onto pillars below the docks. "London is quite interesting no, Nelia?" Takari asked her as they stopped moments later, having position themselves deep within t
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Silverish Fire: Broken Image
Silverish Fire: Broken Image
I stand before the door, looking down onto the grounds beneath of me. I fell to silent, I didn't know what else to say. Knowing before that I would be seeing my father again, I wanted to cry but my eyes won't let me. For I had no tears to shed, I didn't know how or why but it was. I stayed to silent, my eyes looked at the grounds beneath of me seeing that there was colorful red marks which bleed into the carpet upon my feet. I shuttered and looked up, staring at the door with no words or anything else to say I take a deep breath and walked forth. Grabbing hold upon the door's knobs I pulled them out towards me and there was a breath of fresh air emerging into my face. As if that I was heading outside, I closed my eyes enjoying the fresh breathing blown onto me and I take another step forward entering the dark room until the door behind me closed. I opened my eyes, the hallway was dark and silent. Fire torches were sprang up on either side of me, licking the
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CrossWinds: Coving Interests
CrossWinds:  Coving Interests
Cold breeze brushes against his fur while his eyes turned to the British morning sun, as he awed his eyes sparkled among the sunrise knowing then that the gentlemen would be preparing for their business work somewhere else. Takari landed onto the ground as he folded his wings, he turned his attention towards the frontal gates. There he had presumed that the prime minister had hidden himself inside safe from the other people of their protest. He growled his eyes squinting onto the gates as he stepped forth towards of it and stopped once, he turned back to Nelia who dusted herself clean of the air dirt that lingered onto her. She turned to him saying nothing, he growled and nudged his head over she nodded in reply. Both dragons walked over to the gates, stopping themselves Takari bends over to the lock pick and inserted his claw into it turning it about. He heard a clicked and he grinned, stepping back he nodded to Nelia who grabbed hold upon the gates
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Silverish Fire: Abyss Duels
Silverish Fire: Abyss Duels
Metropolis seems to be a busy place, with the flying cars flying all over the city and disappearing into of the building holes. What's not to like about this place? Not me of course, I hated this place. It's not just because there's flying cars everywhere, that's the cool part. What I hate was that there aren't any building rooftops or roads that I could land on and rest my wings. I groaned at this part but I chose to ignore it. Metropolis is a small but busy place It almost seems impossible to see the clear blue skies above me but it's nothing to complain about. Anyway, why I am here in metropolis? Well the answer is quite simple, rumors has it that my shadow, dark, scary father with big yellow eyes- I'll stop describing how horrible my father was and get on with it. My shadow father is living here but his whereabouts is quite unknown, which was odd, since I thought my father, was actually that famous and all including his first ever story…
Anyway I'm
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CrossWinds: Shivered Killing
CrossWinds: Shivered Killing
Winds blew alongside the trees, making them waves among the midnight skies. Where skies were dark filled with stars and a large crescent moon hanging above shining its light onto of the grounds itself. Nelia woke and opened her eyes, frowning as she spread her wings she yawned and got up. Scanning her surroundings, she realized then that she was in the opened space of the unfamiliar forest. As she had guessed, there weren't any forest around London ever and she frowned at this before scratching her head, she had remembered one thing however as her eyes opened. She scanned her surroundings again and growled. Narrowing her eyes as to where her mate was, she had realized that he wasn't around and she was afraid and scared that she was going to die cause of the prime mister. Her thoughts went back to what had happen recently, as she replayed the event in her mind she shuttered. "Nelia and Takari, both of you are under arrest for tampering with the explosive dev
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Silverish Fire: Pickled Ice
Silverish Fire: Pickled Ice
The ice was frozen stretching itself onto of the horizon before my very eyes; it was astonishing to see the ice beautiful underneath the warmth of the sun but however I wasn't here to go sight- seeing however as there was someone among the voices within my head that needs my help. Perhaps then that this person or someone would help me bring down my father? Who knows, but to me this may be my only chance to find him and I have to be quick however cause the ice he was standing on is isolated and stranded among the cold ice. Making it impossible to reach over there without something to climb upon or use to reach over to the isolated ice without being frozen over. I shivered even at the slightest of the ice and cold; I knew then I wasn't fond of them and I sighed shaking my head before casting my eyes up upon the horizon looking out and saw that there wasn't anything around that could be useful to use in terms of finding and rescuing that character. I began to w
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CrossWinds: Big Storms
CrossWinds: Big Storm
"Takari… Takari wake up." Someone spoke into his ear as he woke with a start, his eyes opened and he blinked scanning his eyes around his attention were to his girlfriend Nelia who grinned faintly. Tears running down her eyes as she said nothing else, but to stare upon him then lowered down herself onto Takari and threw her claws around his body and growled, whispering "Don't do that…" "Don't do what?" He asked, glancing at her. She said nothing in response but with her claw rose up onto her eye whipping out the tear in her eye she spoke, "You've fainted." He stopped cold and glared at her. As the silence fell upon the two, Nelia glanced at him and cocked her head asking him "What is wrong?" "There isn't nothing wrong," he growled replying back to her, as he attempted to get up using his legs as support. He flapped his broken wings and groaned in pain, and the wounds from his belly opened bleeding out. Nelia with a frown grabbed hold onto him. Shaking
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Silverish Fire: Storm Cycle
Silverish Fire: Storm Cycle
The winds blew among my face, as I looked up into the skies above me watching the fortress ships sailing on passed me. The brown ships had pillars attached to the side of them, throwing themselves back and slowly moving forward repeating itself again as the ships went on. My eyes lingered onto those ships some more before squinting them narrowing, angered that they had captured my father and placed him among the ships hidden from my sights. How was he captured? Even I don't even know the answer to that question myself, as such I was trained by him to combat enemy fighters and such- But however that's another story. I raised my wings into of the air allowing them to be blown back by the winds taking me into the air shortly afterwards; I spread my wings and opened my eyes. I flapped them and hovered, looking down onto the rooftops that I was standing on. Then raising my head onto the fortress above me, I narrowed my eyes and flapped my wings again repeatedly h
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CrossWinds: NorWay Bridges
CrossWinds: Norway Bridges
"What?" Takari growled staring into the eyes of the construction workers, "What do you mean you've lost three pieces of the bridge? You were suppose to have this finish before midnight!" His eyes squinted maintaining his eyes at them while they frowned shaking their heads. The head of the constructions spoke up piping out "Bu… But a ink had stolen it." "An ink" Takari replied back onto them, "My dear boys, do you need your eyes checked cause I can bring you both back into the eye doctors from yester-" However they replied quickly before he could finish his sentence and with Takari grinning onto them he smirked and shakes his head before bringing back the subject at hand "So… Where the bloody hell is this… ink as you called it?" "Don't make fun of us, Mr. Takari." The worker growled but Takari smirked at him and laughed for a bit before driving his staff down onto the ground; he leaned against it and smirked some more "Oh? But I do enjoy a go
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Silverish Fire: Oceanic Shores
Silverish Fire: Oceanic Shores
I couldn't breathed; nor could my nose hold any of the airs that was plugged into me. My eyes were shut and I tried to frail my wings around however it seems that something was binding them together making it seemed heavier. I hear something cracked underneath my ears that I opened my eyes and frail again more violently than what I had done previously however, it seems impossible. "Where am I?" I thought to myself with a frown, opening my eyes as I scanned my surroundings spotting that I was underwater. Where the bubbles floated towards the surface of the waters above me, I raised my eyes my beak was closed and tied with rope making it impossible for me to talk or speak at any time. I frowned, muttering softly to myself while I glanced around once again. I was indeed underwater, there was a huge cave behind me surrounded by glasses somehow. For I blinked and said nothing, turning myself around I spotted the cave and stuttered before swimming forth towards
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CrossWinds: Talented Flames
CrossWinds: Talented Flames
Among the horizon, Takari smiled faintly as his eyes glued upon the sunset ahead of him. It was rather peaceful with the soundless noises scattered around his ears as he took a deep breath. The smell of the seawaters washes upon his nose, almost tasting the sea salt that came upon of his tongue transported by the winds blowing south of him. His wings were folded and his claws were to the rails. His hat was sitting on top of the rails next to him and he smiled, feeling at peace as he felt the winds again blowing through his fur. he shakes his head and turned his attention towards the side; someone familiar was standing next to him and as his eyes adjusted to her; he smiled and rubbed his eyes responding to Kur "Good evening Kur, what brings you here at the beach shores?" "There's been trouble," Kur responded without any haste as he stopped he blinked cocking his head to the side he responded to her "What kind of haste? Has someone stole another item again? So
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Former series


Rise of the Demon Huntress (In First Person) Pt 4
      Early the next morning we began the torture of the demon. Once everyone decided to take forever to wake up, I had a crack at him first.  
      "Let's start small: Who are you?"
      "None of your concern, human. Your race will be wiped out in a deluge of blood!" He (I'm assuming it was a he) hissed
      Time for breaking him down just a wee bit. I cast a strength exponentia and flicked him in the face hard enough to slide him across the concrete. "We'll try that again." I walked over to his squirming form, "Now who are you?"
      He must have really wanted to die, because he rolled over and spat a glob of saliva at me. I dodged it, but it was the act that irritated me. I jabbed him in the gut with two fingers. The demon's eyes bulged out in pain and he hurried began telling me his name, "Bargoth!! Bargoth!!"
      "Well nice to meet you, Bargoth. Do you mind telling me why your race
:iconreztheripper:RezTheRipper 3 0
Mature content
A Collection of Terrible Jokes: The Sequel! :iconreztheripper:RezTheRipper 4 2
The Letter H.P. Lovecraft Wrote to His Relatives
It would be the opposite of drinking blood, thinking oneself a Vampire, but being completely mortal, endowed with Phantoms not meant for hatred, but for eating dust, as a resurrected fly spinning in witch-light & with true magic before an unlit candle, that now & ere a certain shadow shall appear & here begin writing.
By time there might have been a bottle, with something in it cast out into the sea, as been passed down through time, & by an age, with a love for the macabre, of the horror to have come from it.
The End
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 6 2
     Ta-tatata. Ta-tatata. Ta-tatata. Tatata-tatata-tatatata. The rain pulses against the glass patio door, pounding in a background roar on the roof. She rolls her fingers along the glass of a dormant phone screen yet cannot mimic the music of rain upon the glass doorway. She gets lost in the thunder of the droplets pounding overhead until the tatata of rain hitting her patio door falls silent. Needle-like drops fly through the air, snapping upon the glass as if to break it only for they themselves to shatter into hundreds of smaller drops. The storm drones on outside, tame in its cries. 
      The crackling pop of fire flares up as heat leaches across the room. The orange glow burst along the shadow clad walls instantly, redressing the room in brighter attire. 
     "You didn't have to start a fire." Her voice cracks softly against the flame's chatter. 
     "It was cold anyway." A voice booms across the room,
:iconfeathers-upon-wind:Feathers-Upon-Wind 2 0
Mature content
The Truth :iconbluerockshooter109:BlueRockShooter109 2 1
Non-Humans: Surge - C1 The Storm - S4
Fifteen years later.
    Blood slithered down the side of the fourteen-year-old boy's face. He rested his head against the trunk of a tree behind him. The coldness of the night washed through his body. His body was numb, like the sound of the world around him.
    His eyes gazed over the dark street, wondering where his friend might be. Whipping his hand up to his hand, the boy felt a slight pain from the gash on his face. He clenched his hand tightly on the bark on the tree’s trunk.
    Lifting himself up from the cold ground, the boy let out a soft sigh. He was glad to be alive. But the pounding in his head, made him wish he was dead.
    His eyes drifted past the tree trunk, towards the side of the road. Fear shimmered inside the boy’s bright blue eyes. He saw the sight he caused to happen.
    The boy took a deep breath. He saw a figure lying on the ground next to the flipped over car, down the s
:iconjastar4:JAStar4 8 2
Zero Spacelizards in action! by DragonSnake9989 Zero Spacelizards in action! :icondragonsnake9989:DragonSnake9989 11 2
Mature content
Legend Of The Ghost Rider- New Beginning :iconghostriderkatv2:GhostRiderKatV2 2 5
In Front of You
My throat tightened
You didn't hear the strain in my voice
My eyes watered
You mistook it for being tired
My heart pounded
You couldn't hear it
I cried in front of you
You didn't notice
:iconrebel-of-argon:Rebel-of-Argon 14 2
Gracefully Given - Poem
Memories resurfacing in my mind
I tell myself I've moved forward
And yet it seems I've left my heart behind
And all my emotions are in disorder
Chaos reins within my soul
I keep repeating visions to ascertain flaws
But it seems that you played a truly perfect role
Always telling me I wasn't the villain when I was
I was selfish and unthinking
I was cruel and cold, unkind...
Time passed by without my blinking
You finally woke up and then left me behind
And no the irony's not lost on me
That the good person you imagined you saw
Although but somebody I have never been
They are someone who is slowly but surely coming out now
You awoke my slumbering conscience
You reached in and stirred up my love
You were good 'til the end despite my lack of compliance
And when I'd found I'd chased you away I finally saw who I was
You were so compassionate, considerate
And all the while I was only blind
You tried to make me well but you couldn't fix
This wretched, ruined, twisted mind
And though I'll ever e
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 30 16
Patient Etching No. 6
Alaska is a cold place, where I met my love
Though memory eludes me, know that,
The girl I met from a number of miles away
Whom I grew to love as we took turns shouting
She is as true as the piercing gale
She is as warm as she is pale
I let her go from a great height, into the depths of the Pacific
And watched her fall into the chasm
She did not fret or stare, but closed her palms
I smiled and cried happiness until the sea was filled
She is as true as a dying mill
She is as warm as she is still
We are so cavalier, the world in a waltz
As we shoot a parade of bullets in threes
These crimes! It is the blissful appeal of watching
Humanity itself die, for the sake of one human
She is as true as I
She is warm as we fly
We speak of stories as borealis enshrouds us
Her stories would have us freeze the world over
I gawked and adored her beautiful mind
But I would later be her fool
She is as true as an aimed gun
She is as warm as she is undone
She did not keep up with her age too well
Our crusa
:iconvisionarydreamscape:VisionaryDreamscape 3 0
The Widow
     It was my second week on the job as a Service Technician. My trainer and I were driving to our third job of the day talking about what the problems with the system could be and the best ways to repair them on the ride. We arrived at the apartment building, parked the work truck, gathered our tools and headed for the door located down a hallway, underneath a set of stairs. A typical day so far as I could tell. We knocked, and she answered. Letting us in with politeness and hospitality, my trainer immediately went to work, but I was taken by this visit for some reason.
     She stood there in front of me. Her classically decorated apartment, wrapped with beautiful foreign paintings against a soothing orange hue of paint, gave an air of comfort. It was clean and organized at one point, but now scattered papers tell a story of hurried business. The years have bent her over at the shoulders, her graying short hair showing a tinge of black. The sharp featur
:iconafflicted-writer:Afflicted-Writer 4 4
Sybiene the dragoness. 2nd july raffle pic by KodarDragon
Mature content
Sybiene the dragoness. 2nd july raffle pic :iconkodardragon:KodarDragon 25 4
A Dark Start: Chapter 42
Enderpaw followed the two she-cat warriors out of camp, their light chatter filled the forest as she gazed around it. The needles and leaves were glistening in the sunlight, the ground was dry and soft and the air was warm as it heated up her pelt.
They eventually made it to the borders of their territory, where their forest met with the large, bright borders that marked off the twoleg homes. Hawkwing seemed to bristle slightly when they arrived like she disliked the twolegs in general.
Crescentmoon continued unfazed, walking up to the fence and sniffing for any signs of prey, her ears pricked up at the noise of leaves underfoot. She looked at Enderpaw, wondering if she was the one who made the noise, before looking away.
Why does she know I'm here?
Hawkwing looked in the same direction as Crescentmoon, her eyes focusing on the camp behind Enderpaw before sighing, "You made the right decision Cressy, I promise. Bloodmoon isn't exactly the kindest of cats and I would fear for
:iconwolfgirlstuart:WolfgirlStuart 3 2
Yes, You.
Staring at your screen, at this text.
Reading it in your mind’s voice.
You hear it don’t you?
Who’s voice is it that you hear?
Is it your own?
Whether it is or isn’t, you recognize it.
It’s been there for as long as you remember.
Judging, advising, helping, hurting.
Reminding you of happy times,
of embarrassing times.
Making you smile, cry and cringe.
Your own personal critic,
hiding behind your eyes.
Seeing everything,
hearing everything that you do.
It grows with you.
You probably talk back to it,
it doesn’t make you crazy.
Holding discourse with it,
solving problems with it.
It doesn’t always say what you want it to,
many times it disgusts you.
But that voice,
that’s you.
That’s the you that only you get to know.
The you that you hide from the world.
That you is truth.
That you is terrible.
That you is creative.
That you is cruel.
That you is complex.
That you is beautiful.
Yes, you.
:iconafflicted-writer:Afflicted-Writer 48 23
Poems of Majora 10. Lovers till the End of Time
There was a tale of two lovers
With two conjouned hearts
Who were inseparable together
But have since been torn apart
There was a tale so beautiful
That spoke of true love
That the two shall be together
At the flying of the white dove
But the two were separated
By a foul curse indeed
And one's mask was stolen
As calamity planted the seed
For a journey of revenge
To fight for what was robbed
For unless the idol is found
This night will end in sobs
The other lies in wait
In hope that he arrives
As she hopes for his return
As she prays that he survives
The man meets the Hero
But the man was met with shock
Because he was turned into a child
By the Evil atop the clock
But this did not stop him
And now with the Hero's aid
He will regain what was stolen
And make sure crime is paid
The revenge was carried Through
And both he and the Hero return
Just before Destruction
When the world is set to burn
Two lovers meet
Though his figures have been changed
But their love was still inseparable
:iconjcsolis01:JCSolis01 5 0



#1: * With all the items back from the inks and well onto the claws of the Deadhowls and Britain, the inks wanted revenge and tempting to try something different to benefit their goals. The pair are called again into action. However will they be able to to defeat them when the tables are turned? (CrossWinds Series: Second season)

#2 (Special story for a friend):Laborc's Father is still not found and Laborc takes his starting point within his mother's hiding. With the series of mysteirous hints all pointing to the real world and a new faction wanted to take him back to the Fictional world. Can you find his father with the help of his former enemies? (Silverish Fire series: Second Season)

#3 Laborc's hints had led him into the streets of London where he would meet the famous assassins dragons. With their help, will he be able to find the next hint that his father had left him?(Intertwined Crossover series)
I will now do anyone's request on pokemon or horror/suspense theme stories Anyway you like it to be except for romance. Just note me if you want a request on pokemon or horror/suspense theme story! Thanks again,

I'm going on a trip monday night to Finland with my friends So I'll be busy there delaying some Former stories possibly. Do not worry, they'll be back ;) 
(#1 Main Plot: Former season 5 (Horror/War collaboration):
Season 5: The overthrow was complete however a new threat emerged before of them. Tempted in the darkness the seven factions were ordered to participate in the games. They've compelled and started off at the hospital with only one goal in mind. What troubles will await for them and who among of the rest will betray them all. Careful though, that traitor may be the one true villain.)


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Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Hi Everyone, my name is Cypher leaf. An experience writer for twelve years and still counting! I am known for Horror, war and Advanture. So please do have a read, leave a comment if you can. Otherwise, I bid you farewell thanks for reading everyone



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