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The Siren: Warning

Ping! A message emerged onto your email just as you woke up suddenly from your slumber. Opening up your eyes, you yawned and growled scratching your back with your paw while he looked off onto the screen in front of you. There stood a message in front of you, with an unopened letter attached to it curiously; you blinked and cocked your head as you frowned and reached in for the mouse. Hovering up towards of the message, you yawned again and began to open the message up revealing itself to be from the boss himself. You groaned and snarled, before raising your paws onto your forehead sighing in silence. As your mind went through the possible scenarios of what could your boss had wanted at the time. Still you got up, pushing you chair back away and growled closing your eyes then looked up and about wondering where you are at.

You're in the office, back in your usual sixth floor which was basically the highest floor in the building. From there, you could see the other buildings and honking cars from below, though then that wasn't your priorities. It was dark, almost impossible to see then as the clock had struck twelve. Wondering how long you were out for, you shook your head and grabbed your coat from the back of the chair quietly walking off from your computer to see what your boss had wanted. The entire floor that you're in was dark, there was no lights although some of the lights were flashing at random times still you wanted someone to fix this building to have them all turned on at the same time. Groaning, you knew you cannot do anything about it as you walked forth towards the door behind of you. You began to hear that your footsteps were clattery against the glass beneath of you as you resumed to walk across the hallway and down the roads onto the next elevator ahead. You frowned and stopped; facing the elevator in front of you as you quietly pressed a button, it glowed as a result however the elevator wasn't working at the time.

Frowning,  you slammed the button again and waited for a few; though the elevator wasn't rising from whatever it was you growled and slammed your paw again before sighing and turned to your side. There was a door beside of you, along with it was a stairs heading to the fifth floor as you walked towards of it and grabbed opened the door. Opening it in silence, you walked inside. The door slammed behind you as you stared out onto the room lit hallway. There are stairs heading down onto the fifth floor although there are more stairs also heading down into the other floors as well. You wanted to go to the fifth floor, claiming to see that your boss wanted to see you at the time. With your heart beating silently, you walked down the first flight of stairs and stopped hearing some kind of wolf noises and howls. Quietly wondering if someone had brought in a couple of wolves into the building, you shook your head and headed down the second flight of stairs emerging then onto the door that is in front of you which reads, "The fifth floor." Smiling faintly, you walked towards the fifth door and opened it. You headed inside, not knowing what your boss had wanted with you but you quietly frowned noticing something was defiantly wrong.

The sounds were silent, there was blood everywhere even onto your coworkers at the time as they just lay there against the grounds of the fifth floor. You gagged, not knowing what else to do as you walked slowly forth deeper in the fifth floor. It was quiet there was nothing there. Where the blood's smell stinks upon your nose and the lights had all but went out. Turning them on would be impossible at the time, though you tried your best to ignore everything and kept on moving forth until you had saw the boss' office ahead of you. Frowning and knowing that you are close, you slowly stopped upon the room and turned spotting the door and its doorknob. You reached for it, though it is close at the time and locked. You frowned, but felt a deep happiness inside as you couldn't help but grinned with silence. As you began to turn around, you saw something attached to the door leading out onto the fifth hallway and walking up towards of it; you squinted your eyes and gasped as you began to read the note, "We're coming for you and your blood. Fresh meat tonight,"

You frowned, nothing had prepared for you about this as your heart skip a beat with you staring at the note itself. Then you frowned and closed your eyes, knowing that there are some coming after you at the time as you opened the door where the note was held and walked down the stepped into of the four floor. From there on, you turned your head spotting that there was some sort of blockage leading down into the other floors beneath you, still you became curious wondering who was coming after you at the time as you turned your head back upon the door of the fourth floor and opened it entering inside. The room was dark, totally dark as there was no other light emerged onto your eyes. Clear as night, you frowned your heart was beating in the silence as you took a stepped forth then cracked underneath the boards beneath of you as you kept on walking ignoring the sounds that emerges underneath.

You stopped and glanced about, noticing the computers that were turned off as prior to the light and electricity not working. Still you gulped and turned to whatever you are facing, walking up front deeper into the room and farther away from the door behind you. You kept on walking, hearing the silence as your footsteps move on. Watching every corner for anything that might come up from the get go you frowned; shivering when the cold air reaches down your neck. Still though you returned to the opposing side of the wall and stopped, wondering then on where was your clothes located. As much you wanted to get out of here, however you heard something to the corner of your ear and you slowly turned about spotting a shadow tiptoeing towards something. You gasped and stepped back, putting your back against the wall behind you as your eyes widen with fear and constantly turned about wondering where you could move. Turning to your left, you spotted a clear pathway ahead and you frowned heading towards there.

 Running off in the sounding silence, you turned your head back behind of you wondering if that whoever it was trying just lost or a newbie. Still though you don't want to take any chances and ahead you kept on going, until you turned the corner. Dropping down onto the ground, you shield your head and fell to silence for only the breathing you can hear. You close your eyes, hoping then that they wouldn't check on you. You took a deep breath; you silently calm your heart and open your eyes hearing nothing in the complete silence. Knowing this, you sat right up and grinned. You don't even know how stupid you would look if you just sat there, you wanted to laugh but knew that they would be coming. A thought crosses your mind, as you yet to wonder "Who were those guys? And why are they here?" You frowned but decided to get up, revealing your hiding spot you began to walk off onto the wall where you had originally started and froze; you heard something in the distance as you stopped where you are and glanced about. The noise was soft and whimpering, yet it was familiar to you as you stepped forth towards the noise. You stepped forth and turned the corner, looking off you spotted a otter standing there with a teddy bear beside its arm. You blinked and asked, though the otter knew and quickly hid onto the pot behind of it.

Originally you had thought it was cute when it was hiding, but you thought better and stepped forth towards the otter motioning with your paws to coax him out he eventually did trusting you bit by bit. Until he was in your arms, you grinned and whispered "Why are you out here?" "I got lost along the way," He responded, then fell silent afterwards as you frowned then cough asking "Then what of the wolv-" "They are the Wolves, they hunt in packs however..." He glanced up upon you until your eyes had met, "they play by strategy and is hard to knock off from your trail. Once they pick a target; they will go after it regardless if the target had a partner or not." "Can we kill them?" he shook his head as you sighed in defeat then fell to silence. "What's your name though?" he asked, You began to speak your name then he does as well, "I am Bakari the otter;" He replied, "Well Bakari, let's go." You concluded and got up.

Chapter 2:

You two began to ran faster than anyone had predicted for you to go. The sounds of shadows emerging all around you, as you stared at the exit and only the exit; all around you there goes the shadows however there was no sounds, how come? You began to take a look around, slowing your movements about as you stared into the silence searching through the dark while your otter friend had made it through the exit and had it opened quickly. For he growled at you while you stepped back, looking about through the room while the sounds emerged onto your ear. Glancing to the side, you spotted some figures heading your way however what you had failed to realize was a knife from the opposing direction behind of you. Then, in an order to avoid the knife, Bakari grabbed you from your shirt and pulled you in, throwing both of you down onto the grounds of the cold hard floor as the knife struck against the door however missed its target. You stared in silence, then raised your eyes onto the knife before getting up you grabbed Bakari and headed down the stairs into of the third floor.

Footsteps clattered against your ears; as you headed down the stairs and well into the third floor. From there then, you had noticed that the light was shattered or broken where shards of glass fell down onto the ground beneath of your feet. Bakari glanced onto you in silence before stepping on forth. Through of the glass as blood runs thick through his feet; he manage to grabbed hold upon the door and headed inside leaving you outside of it. You frowned, you didn't want your feet or shoes to get crushed underneath of the glass though you wanted to get away from here. Knowing that the blockage was there on the opposing side of the hallway, you shook your head and took a deep breath. Heading right in you grabbed hold upon his paw and forced him inside where the door became locked. That was then you heard some laughter about and you froze with fear while Bakari got up and frowned. Shaking off the dirt against his fur, he turned towards you and smiled long before pointing off into the far distance where it was presumed that the door was located there.

However, as you walked forth you stopped and you don't know why. For this reason, you scanned the room and looked about spotting on some of the water leaks on the ground and to make things matter worst; the lights here were flickering but were alright. Where laughter emerged onto your ears again, you gulped nervously and stepped on forth with your heart's pounding against your ear you stepped on forth underneath of the first light then made yourself right to the opposing light then back up front yet again. The lights seems to be alternating yet in a checker board pattern, something that you are familiar with. As you grinned, you made your way to the halfway point where you stopped to turn towards Bakari who frowned later on and raised his eyes onto you, you coaxed it to come forth telling him "It's alright, Bakari." He still frowned and stared onto you; then in the silence he stepped slowly forth towards the first light however it was dark.

For when his foot was down, suddenly the rest of the lights shatters and send the room to darkness. As such, you and him gasped and scanned the room again looking about to see if anyone was coming. You both were feared as you growled at Bakari, motioning to him frantically as you can. He ran forth towards you. the voices were getting near, closer it seems while both of you ran for the exit up ahead. Running with your breaths, you breathed through as you run forth rushing through the entire hallway as you could. Turning your head to see if anyone else was running in behind of you and you see it. There, three shadows revealed themselves, all of them were armed with a shadow knife and seems ready to kill you or him respectfully. With this in mind, you clashed against the door and groaned to yourself, as Bakari stopped and turned his head away wondering then if any of the figures were coming forth still then, he grabbed hold upon the handle that you were stuck in and ran down to the second floor. You groaned and raised your forehead, noticing then that your partner was gone you widen your eyes as you searched the room looking about as you could; finding out that he wasn't here but perhaps ran down to the second floor downstairs. You stared at the horizon's ceiling, then heard nothing in silence as the figures stood still though none of them were making their move; You decided to not linger in to find out and ran out through the door and down onto the second floor where Bakari was waiting for you.

Emerging to the second floor, both of you stopped as you stared out onto the silence. There ahead of you was a dark empty place; a picture hangs on the side with it a distorted look on its face. You gagged in fear before glancing out whatever you can find, staring in the silence you sighed as Bakari responded "Hey," You turned to him "Do you think then that..." He trailed afterwards then gulped nervously before walking of ahead of you. Starting things off, both of you walked on forth towards of the darken hallway ahead where both of you kept on moving on ignoring all of the pictures that was to the side of you. Still, you could hear something faint like a wolf howling into the night. Distraught, you wondered if the wolf was here in the room with you or in outside next to the office that you were in. As you thought about of it, you spotted the light in the far corner of your eye grinning both of you made your way forth towards the light emerging onto you. Until then, a snowflake fell and you stopped frozen.

Seeing that the room was turned to ice and snow; you gasped yet breathed shivering while you two paws headed up onto your sides and growled to keep warm. Bakari stepped forth and pointed ahead, spotting three tunnels each other then with a different colored light although does it seem that they are headed into different places? You shook your head as a result of things and move on forth stepping only to his line until you stopped to glanced about. There were indeed three tunnels each of them leading into a different place. With the darkness looming over you, still you knew you have to make a choice and you spoke out pointing out onto the first tunnel however, Bakari stopped you by pointing to the sign. You stopped and glanced at the sign, noticing that it was brown and something was written on it you walked on forth towards it and crouch down to read it through.

For when you were done, you frowned and stared up onto the three tunnels ahead of you. Where the sun kept falling down slowly and calmly, Bakari stepped forth and looked at the three tunnels then turned to you before speaking, "I think the second tunnel is safe." You nodded, although you were sure as you stared onto Bakari to stepped forth towards the second tunnel inside disappearing while you waited in silence. Then you sighed and turned to the opposing corner, where the remaining took tunnels stand and took the first one. You took a deep breath as you walked on forth towards the chosen tunnel, staring into the light ahead of you; you clenches your paws and stepped on forth yet your heart was damped by the guilt you have down to your partner still then you headed inside. Without hesitation, you stepped forth into the tunnel as the brightness of the light dimmed down onto darkness and left you there on the ground. Welcome to the first floor,

The cold fell upon your fur, as you groaned in silence opening your eyes as to know where you are at. It seems to be some sort of office room, where the darken cell emerges onto your visions you growled wearily and shook your head. As you raised your paw onto your forehead, you growled and spoke out onto the soundless cell, "Where am I? What is this place?" Though no one could hear you, you still slash out in anger. You went on for a couple of minutes, before calming down back onto the seat that you were sitting on in the moment then that you woke up. Glancing at it, you frowned then cocked your head before looking around once more spotting the darkness again. Though it seems, that the rain is pouring down from the outside. Were you in the first floor? Is that the exit? You wondered about these questions as you got up from your seat and stepped on forth; towards of the door. Your heart beats to silence, you fell to a curious nature as you grabbed hold upon the doorknob and walked outside.

It began to rain as the wet fell upon your fur. You groaned and shook your head, wondering about the dizziness spells that you had gotten from the moment then you had woke up. As you walked out from the door behind of you, you saw that the entire place was abandoned however your pursuiters weren't around, why?

You shook your heads as you walked on forth, your feet were attached to the warmth that the ground had yet to offer, where a newspaper dropped from the skies you still kept on going past and through of the streets before you until you stopped on the opposing side. Turning back, you scratched your head as you heard something like a hissed or something, though it would be either a cat or a snake. Horrified, you snapped your head to the opposing side where ahead of you seems to be a somewhat of a generator along with them was two snakes, both of which have their armor attached to them. You stared at them for a while, watching on how they were doing their job. They were the snakes, with golden armor but it seems that they are fixing the generator for what purpose perhaps? You decided to take a closer look and walking on forth, you stepped on a twig as the snakes heard you turning their heads to you they gasped; dashing off from what they were working on and disappeared somewhere around the horizon, leaving you to blinked wondering on how you had become.

Though with the event stored into your mind, you walked on forth towards the generator that the two snakes were working on and knelled down. However, it had seems that they aren't working on the generator as there before of you was a golden piece of paper with a drawing of two foxes, white and blue fighting among themselves. For the two foxes had a weapon on themselves, the white fox had an ice pole stick raised up towards the neck of the blue fox while the opposing fox only had a blade, or was it a knife? Among them were the two were the yellow and black in the background with the huge castle taking up most of the paper. You blinked and grabbed it, taking it with you. You turned your head ahead to where the other snakes were heading into before shaking your head then turned back onto the opposing side.

You still had nowhere else to go, in the vast world of whatever this place was. Though wondering why the figures or as Bakari likes to called it, the wolves were coming after you. You glanced at your paw noticing that it was grayish and sighed before heading off into the direction of where the snakes had went off to. Cutting across the generator route, you came across a grassy field with nothing there except for some more generators and a Molotov in the far background. Cocking your head, you began to walk forth towards the Molotov and grabbed it from its spot before glancing around. Another generator stood before you and you cut through that arriving into a open spot where a gas proposal is right next to you but there was a mall store ahead. Grinning, you ran forth towards it and checked the door. It was however, locked and you groaned at the result of it before perking your ears and turned your attention towards the garage that just opened. Where light flashes out into your eyes, you were temporary blinded as you growled closing your eyes and raising your paws.

The snakes suddenly took you into the light and closed down the garage door. Where the darkness stood, you opened your eyes adjusting to the lighting of the room itself, for there you see two snakes and another gang of snakes behind of you as one stepped forth and hopped onto your legs. Growling, it raises his knife at your neck speaking "What brings you here?" "I'm just trying to find my way, escaping from the office I hated so much." You said, there were many mutters among the group as the snake with the knife growled silencing the group before turning towards you, "You dared to escaped from the office? The place where you had worked at" You nodded in fear of being stabbed. But he didn't and yet grabbed you by the neck pulling you forth, while two snakes stepped forth behind of you untying you from the chair that you were in. The snake hissed and whispered into your ear, "Then you better watch your back then, bud." He whispered quietly, "For he comes to those who tried to escape," Then he let you go and raised his paw, crossing his arms as he would. You stood up, now with more questions in your mind as you frowned then turned to the door on the side of you.

You are just an poor person wanting to have a job; for years you had tried to make some money but failed in the recent years. Until, you were put into an office of a job and started working late at night. However rumors of death including an mysterious war between the serpents and the wolves. Can you escape?

(Credit to: my horror expert friend and his dungeon series rp...)
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