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Fading light: Darken Temple

Lighting flashes through their eyes as they turned to the temple before them. It was long and tall, but it was hard to see. There weren't any lights to foreshadow it as Fafnir stepped forward and frowned. He was brave friend who always love adventures, even to the darken places. As such, he would agree. He always have a happy tone also through the darken times. With this in mind, he friend, Vasuki was with him. Scared and shaking, he turned to the scares and horror that was within him and to the outside of his fur. They were both cats and orphans, lost in the huge world before them as they themselves turned to the temple before them. Fafnir stepped forward and smiled, wanting to enter into the temple before him but Vasuki insisted not and always grabbing his paw, mewing loudly as he could. Fafnir laughed and shook his head as he pulled him along for the ride, into the temple's entrance they go until they stopped. The door before them was locked and there was nothing to get in or out from here and Vasuki was glad of this and began to step back. However, Fafnir growled and grabbed him before he could escape and knocked upon the door before them.

There was no silence before them and nothing opened the door as the two cats frowned and turned to one another. Again, he tried to knock upon the door and it wouldn't open before them. Growling such, he began to loudly knock upon the door. In response, it opened and there was a loud moaning sound before them as the two stopped in their tracks and turned to the inside. It was pitch black and there was nothing inside. Vasuki thought that it was safe to leave now but Fafnir shook his head and grabbed him before heading into the temple where the door closed behind them and they themselves were startled by it. Glancing back upon the closed door, Vasuki frowned and began to run forward towards the door. They knocked upon it loudly; there was no answer from outside as a great moan whispered into their ears they frowned. They began to step forward into the lost darkness of the temple, for who knows what lies inside.

It was silence, and the walls were static almost as if this place was a video game. Though Vasuki wished that he was back outside, they instead walked on and on. Deeper into the hallway before them until there was a deadend before them, they were startled but turned to one another in silence as they stepped forward towards the deadend and began to feel themselves around. Suddenly, the air's temperature had gone colder and they were shivering themselves. They kept on feeling their way through the wall before them. But there was nothing they could do and Fafnir frowned and cocked his head as he himself stepped back, knocking himself onto the hole onto the floor. he soon disappeared later as Vasuki turned himself around and glanced upon the hole before him. he frowned, shivering as he might as the wall behind him began to rise up. Startled such, he turned around and saw another hallway before him while he himself walked forward. When he walked into another hallway, the wall closed behind him and the fires before him were put out. He was startled and began to glance around, more shivering as he was before when the wind blew against his cat fur. Making him chilled within every second as he kept on going, the hallway was long and narrow it was almost as if that the walls were closing in upon him.

But he wished that he hadn't emerged here in the first place, instead of going alone with his instant. He stepped forward and emerged into a big hallway, where he saw four hallways before him one leading him into the next set. But only three of them leads to death as he himself stepped forward towards the four hallways, he wondered to himself about his friend, how was he doing upon this time? He had wished that he would return to him as he stepped forward towards the second tunnel and entered in. Suddenly, the wind blew harder against his fur as his body temperature dropped suddenly. He himself was freezing within every second of the clock but he kept on going despite the cold before him. The fire were still burning before him, upon the torches above on the walls. Sometimes he wondered if he could grabbed one of them and took it with him. But when he stepped forward to take one, his paw was stuck upon the base of the fire torch and he frowned, crying even to the point of his mewing. As the wind blew deeper into his fur, he tried to get himself out but there was something that he wished to not hear within his ear. Out within the darkness, he had heard a deep growling voice so loud that he had gotten deaf suddenly.

Startled upon this, he kept on pulling his paw away from the torch. But the ice was kept upon him to the point that he couldn't himself rip it open, he glanced around the place that he was in. There was a saw before him, bloody on the tips but it was still function as he heard the growl again before him. He frowned and had no choice to this as he grabbed the saw and began to chop his paw off and ran away. Bloody trails were following him, but he didn't care as the voice had faded within the darkness. he wanted to go home, he wanted to escape this place. But how could he when this place seems endless. He began to curse his own friend, allowing himself to breathe a bit easier as he stepped forward. But when he took a step forward, he tripped upon the snow before him and fell down. His knee began to scrape suddenly and blood emerged from his wound. Yet it itself was silence, there was no more voices within the tunnel itself as he crawled forward towards the darken temple before him.

he thought he was losing his eye sight as he kept crawling forward towards the unknown darkness before him. His heart was beating; his eyes were watery without hesitation, as he knew to himself, that he fell into the wrong. But he kept on going, to the point that he himself found a door and he got up. Opening the door suddenly, he began to look inside as he frowned but he was shaken. He had too many scares of startles for far too many, as he wanted to go home for himself. As he stepped forward towards the room that he entered, the door closed behind him and soon locked itself inside. As he frowned and began walking away from the door, he was in a room full of doctor equipment and there was a chair in front of him. he wondered what this was used for as he turned to the front of the door, knowing that it was locked. There was another key somewhere and he began digging for it as the wind howled in his ear but there was something that he didn't wish it emerged into his ear.

As he got up, he heard a knock upon the door and he turned towards the door and crept forward towards it. Raising his paw against the door, he began to unlock it and soon he opened the door wide. Looking inside, he was stunned when there was another cat as himself. But this cat was dressed in white and it grabbed him and chocked him until he fainted. The next thing he knew, he emerged into the chair that he had last saw and he screamed for help when nothing came for him. As the door locked itself again, he frowned and was beginning to be scared as he trashed about, never to be heard of again...?


When face with ultimate judgement, Can the two cats get out from the temple before it is too late?
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October 23, 2015
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